Play Princess Viaggio in "St. Patrick's Day March!"

March 17 can only mean one thing - Saint Patrick's Day, where all kids are green! Princess Viaggio is lucky to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade this year, her favorite holiday! The only rule Princess Viaggio has to follow was to dress up in green fashion and wear beautiful Irish accessories like shamrocks and four leaf clovers! Back in the realm of the Fairies, Tila the Flower Fairy hears the news of Viaggio's parade march and offeres to grant the little princess one wish on this special holiday. Princess Viaggio only wishes to see all of her old friends the fairies, with whom who she used to play games. Tila the Flower Fairy flaps her magic wings and with a flick of her wand, Princess Viaggio's wish is granted! It is a wonderful surprise to see her old friends watching the little Princess march in the parade crowned as the Irish Princess! Play the Saint Patrick's Day March dressup game and dress up Princess Viaggio to be beautiful, hip, cool and green! Happy Saint Patrick's Day from KIDOONS!
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